What conditions can be treated?

Osteopathy is best known as a treatment of musculo-skeletal problems such as:

  • back and neck pain

  • joint pain and muscle strains

  • headaches

  • repetitive strain injuries

  • whiplash

However Osteopathic treatment can also effectively address the muscle-skeletal associations of other health related issues such as:

  • visceral techniques for digestion.

  • menstrual pain

  • pain in pregnancy

  • supporting your health in chronic fatigue

  • breathing and respiration issues

  • migraine management

  • stress

  • optimal fracture recovery

  • jaw pain and dental/orthodontic support

  • Infants and Children:  assessment and management of muscle-skeletal conditions as well as the muscle-skeletal components that may influence other health concerns.

  • Dancers: optimal body function for dancers both professional and recreational, injury treatment and management.

  • Yoga Practitioners: We understand yoga and can help you to work with your practice better and manage injuries.

  • Pregnancy: management of postural strain, pelvic and low back pain. Preparation of body for birthing.

  • Trauma Recovery: accident and rehabilitation support. Sports injuries and post surgical healing and recovery.

At Southside Wellbeing, our Osteopaths are experienced in the Osteopathic management and treatment of:

Never visited an Osteopath and are feeling unsure if we can help? 

We offer free 15-minute phone consultations to see if we can help, or recommend a different allied health profession for you to contact.


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We provide drug-free, painless and holistic hands-on care that aims to improve health across all body systems by assisting the healing and repair of each person’s musculoskeletal framework.

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