Leg Injury

What can be treated in Osteopathy?

Osteopathy can help manage or improve your pain, injuries, and the overall function of your body and its systems. We look at your body as a whole, and not as separate ‘parts’. We use safe and gentle methods to help treat tension and strains, so that the whole body can function well and continue to regulate itself and effectively address any problems that arise. Our Osteopaths often help patients with:


We help treat back pain by first understanding the cause of the pain and problems.


We’ll work to help reduce the tension and strains around your neck.


The first step to treating joint injuries is evaluating all of the areas of the body.


We help you maintain your balance during pregnancy as you adapt to the bodies  changes.


Your appointment starts with an assessment to understand what is causing your headaches.


Trauma to the head can cause many unpleasant effects.

Infants and Children

We understand the changes that young, growing bodies go through, and the demands that their musculoskeletal system places on them. We use gentle techniques to help relieve tension and strain that has developed during growth, trauma, falls or even from their labour. We work with infants and children of all ages, alongside their parents, to address these strain patterns. This can facilitate ongoing healthy development and support their young bodies in self-regulation and healing.


Whether you’re a professional or recreational dancer, the repetition required to master the work puts enormous pressure on specific bones, joints and muscles. This can take a big toll on your body and lead to pain and injury. When your ability to move freely is affected, it can seriously affect the quality of your performance.  We work regularly with dancers, gymnasts and acrobats of all levels to help treat injuries and improve body alignment and movement.

Dancer in Studio
Yoga Practitioners

We’ve been partnering with yoga schools since 2002, so are very familiar with the unique demands that yoga places on the body - and how to safely and effectively manage these. With Osteopathy being well-aligned to the yogic principles of health and wellbeing, we work with you to improve your function, manage injuries, and help you master the poses you’ve been struggling to complete.

Yoga Pose

It’s not just the increased weight that you’re managing during pregnancy but also your new posture, the changes in your hips, and even the pregnancy hormones that give your tissues and ligaments greater laxity (stretchiness). We can help you prepare for birth, assist you in your recover after the baby is born, and help you manage postural strains, pelvic pain and lower back pain. Using our gentle approach, we work with many expectant mothers, whether they’re having their first child or their fourth, to help them feel more comfortable and move better as they progress along their months and trimesters.


We also offer combined mum + bub appointments for the women that we see during their pregnancy, once they are ready to come in after birth.

Prenancy in White
Trauma Recovery

‘Trauma’ is not just tissue or bone damage, it also has deep effects on your nervous system and can impair your circulation, thereby delaying your recovery. We help set things right so your body and its systems can return to functioning as it was designed to - including helping you recover quickly and well. We work with people of all ages to recover from accidents, sports injuries, head trauma, surgery - and whatever else life throws their way.

Chiropractor at Work
Surgery Recovery

Surgery is so much more than a physical procedure - it affects a variety of body systems and processes, which can then manifest as problems to our overall health and wellbeing - even if it isn’t obviously related to the surgical area. We help you heal and recover from surgical procedures, so you can optimise your return to mobility and full function.

Surgeons During Operation
We also help with problems and health-related issues including:

  • Whiplash

  • Muscle strains

  • Menstrual pain

  • Supporting your health in chronic fatigue

  • Breathing and respiration problems

  • Stress

  • Recovering from fractures

  • Jaw pain and dental or orthodontic support

  • Visceral techniques for digestion

  • Postural problems

  • Growing pains

  • Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Arm, wrist & shoulder pain

  • Lower limb pain

  • Mobility and pain management in arthritis